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Quotes The professionalism of Mauricio was incredible. He knows his stuff very well and after a few sessions I life had a completely different directions. I gained awareness of what my biggest desires are in life. what my mission is. Not only that, I was able to find the mos exquisite experience of peace and joy. Mastery of the mind is by far the best gift I have given to my self Quotes

Quotes As her mother, I can say that all the techniques and trainings he has been involved in, have made him a very happy, spiritual, exceptional and peaceful person. My life has changed for the better since he started to teach them to me, now I know that my mission in this life y to be happy and I am. Thaks dear son, you and your brother have made me very very happy. Love u always ! Quotes

Quotes Thakns for the insight. It brings light into the dark! Quotes

Quotes That's a mold-berekar. Great thinking! Quotes

Quotes Conocer a Kamadeva ha sido una de mis experiencias personales mas felices y creativas que he tenido, su amor incondicional ha llenado mi corazon en multiples ocaciones, su ingenio y sabiduria son de los mas reales que he sentido al verle compartir desde su corazon. Gracias Kama por estar en mi vida y ser tu amiga. Amor incondicional para ti por siempre. Revadi. Quotes
yolanda figarola

Quotes I took the seminar in 2005 and since then my life has change dramaticly. Now I live in the country of my choice, have the job of my dreams and my personal life flows in peace and Joy. Quotes

Quotes Having taken the Seminar with Bhaktan & Kamadeva, was as if a new 'me' emerged from my inside. This person is always with me, but it's during the best parts of my days that I feel her very present. She makes me realize of misconducts that I had adopted as habits. She gives me the opportunity to change and become closer to what I believe a real human being should be. I feel blessed and full of joy because my life has now a wider perspective! Quotes
Lourdes Martinez

Quotes My personal experience with the techniques are to mention a few : -They allow me to focus into the real meaning of things, not letting my mind to wander around with negative thoughts. -They relaxed me, specially when Im going through an specific situation that is causing me fear or emotional pain. - They give me clarity in making a decision - They also allow me to be in constant awareness which in case I fell into fear or worriness ( which is normal for anybody) at least I dont stay in this mental state and I will find a solution to my daily personal problems and if not I just let go things knowing that when the time comes I will be able to take care of bussiness or if I cant solve the problem I just let it go without attachment. I know its easy to say but with time and consistency in practicing the techniques you feel free and have inner peace, and you allow life to bring you th best that is meant to be for you. Blessings Quotes
Maritza Blasquez

Quotes I can say that I am a better person since I discovered that we are one with everything. After I learned the techniques, and by practicing them my experience of life is peace, love and joy most of the time. Very grateful to Mastery of the Mind and our weekly meetings. Quotes

Quotes I took a weekend seminar in 2004 just for fun and I found the greatest experience ever and my mission in life. Since then, I decided to dedicate my life to help others. Quotes