"Hi, my name is Moris and I am your Mind Fitness Coach. I have been a yoga teacher and life coach since 2005. My experience and education (BBA in Business, Post degrees in Small Business and Human Resources) makes me a competitive coach and trainer that will become your best partner to improve and understand your wants and needs in life. I will help you to create a plan on how to achieve self realization."

महर्षि  कामदेव

Moris received the name of KAMADEVA with the title of SIROMANI (Jewel Of The Crown Of Yoga) from his Yoga Guru in 2005. He has been the career coach of senior managers at the Government of Ontario and of recognized artists. 


Through his experiences and life events, Moris has learned powerful mental techniques as well as a method to teach them. He has instructed hundreds of students stress management techniques since the year of 2005; given public conferences, participated in radio and television programs and gotten involved into servicing the community.

Moris gained a certificate in 2007 as a yoga teacher by one of the most prestigious yoga training centers in the world; Sivananda, where they preserve the teaching of the most classical and ancient style, Hata yoga; including the philosophy, nutrition, health science, and meditation. Today, Mauricio lives in Toronto and works as a Human Capital Consultant. 

Past employers include: Government of Ontario, University of Toronto and Scotiabank.



  • Bachelor's degree in Business Management. (2003).
  • Partner and director of urban development company for 4 year (2003-2007).
  • Canadian Small business specialist - Post-graduate diploma. Toronto (2010).
  • Started mastery of the Mind in 2007.
  • Human Resources Management postgraduate degree. Toronto (2011).
  • Worked as career coach at the University of Toronto in the management co-op office (2011).
  • Change management a the Government of Ontario in the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation.
  • Mindfullness Certification from University of Toronto (2017).
  • Buddhist Psychology - Coursera, Princeton (2017)
  • Senior human resources professional at the Government of Ontario Since 2013 - 2017
  • HR Consultant Scotiabank (2017 - present)


  • Created Mindfitness methodology to train the mind to gain strength in where the attention goes and increase awareness.
  • World class professional at senior level.
  • Lived in three countries including Mexico, England and Canada.
  • Meditation Teacher - Completed a 6 month retreat training (2005).
  • Created, promoted and managed retreats in Taxco and Cozumel, Mexico.
  • Yoga teacher - Completed a Yoga training at Shivananda and obtained the title of SIROMANI (2007).
  • Traveled around the world - Europe, Asia, Africa and America searching for answers.
  • Taught hundreds of people the Mind Fitness techniques.
  • Acknowledged by the YMCA Toronto for sharing experience and knowledge about yoga.
  • Certificate in Buddhist philosophy delivered online by Princeton University teacher.
  • Life skills coaching program (2016) at George brown college.
  • Mindfulness certification (2017) at University of Toronto.