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The bizarre “lunchtime meditation” technique for busting stress that I discovered while living as a Monk in Mexico

/News Jan 18, 2021 | 4 min read


If you’ve ever tried meditation to relieve stress, you’ll know that it takes discipline, patience and persistence. Could there be an easier way? I didn’t think so, until I made a discovery inside a Mexican ashram that completely shattered my beliefs about meditation and would change my life forever.

More and more studies are showing how meditation can reduce cortisol - the dangerous stress hormone that causes inflammation, sleep problems, depression and anxiety. 

So why aren’t we all meditating like monks every night?

I’m not sure about you, but even as a meditation expert, I don’t always have time to sit on a foam mat, hum into my throat with fingers pressing together, one eye half-open, trying to master my breathing and positioning while the dinner needs making, lunches need packing, bath is running and, well, wine needs drinking and Netflix needs watching.

How can we meditate when we’re so time poor?

When you get home after 6pm most nights and the weekends are full of errands, kids parties, study and socializing, how can you ever find time for meditation? 

Instead, the only hope of escaping stress is a glass of wine, a handful of chocolates, a decent Netflix show and getting to bed early. Sounds nice enough.

But there’s a problem; you’re not actually taking the stress away. You’re simply postponing it. 

You might be escaping the present moment, but what happens when the alarm buzzes you out of bed the next morning? 

You’re back to the stress-inducing world you temporarily escaped the night before. 

With the right meditation, you can learn to immerse yourself completely in your life. To life with purpose, intent, calmness and focus, even in stressful situations at work or home.

Meditation is how you stop running away from your life and start living it to your fullest, one magical moment at a time.

Meditation Group

But again, most meditation is hard and takes ages. So what’s the answer?

I always fantasized about the idea of a “lunch break meditation” that you could do anywhere, anytime, without years of practice, weird positions or breathing exercises. 

But it didn’t exist. Until… 

A discovery in Mexico that changed my mind about meditation forever

In 2005, I travelled to Mexico to live as a Monk and spend time in an ashram.

What I discovered during my time there was a new way of doing meditation that blew my mind. 

It was a technique that was much more simple and easier to learn than anything I'd seen before.

After weeks of practising this new technique, I began to feel clarity in my thoughts. 

I could clearly see how my feelings were affecting my mind and body. 

And I began to clear the mental junk that was always getting in the way.
In just minutes per day, I found myself calm and focused in the present. I began finding more moments of peace, gratitude and love in my life. 

When I moved to Toronto, I began sharing this mediation technique with my friends, family and new work colleagues.

At first, I called it “the lunchtime meditation” technique…

That’s because it was so simple, easy and practical, you could do it anytime, anywhere, in just 15 minutes per day. Yep, even on your ever-diminishing lunch break. 

But it quickly became more than that. 

Several months passed and I started combining this method with my own modern meditation techniques and that's when I started to realize I was onto something quite remarkable. 
I rarely felt stressed. Anxiety was fading. I felt calm and focused, all day, every day. 

And it was some of the easiest meditation I'd ever done. 

With excitement, I began spreading the word. And in 2010, “Mindfitness Meditation” was born. 

Over the years, this simple and practical meditation technique has helped countless friends, family, colleagues and even complete strangers to live better lives.

How does Mindfitness Meditation work?

Unlike other meditation techniques, it’s not a belief system. In fact, your own ideas and beliefs remain intact. And no positions or breathing exercises are needed. 

If other techniques were a massage, Mindfitness Meditation is like going for a cardio session. Except without the sweat and blisters. 

Mindfitness Meditation became more than just a technique. It’s now a community of people just like you.

No matter what meditation technique you choose, it can be hard to develop new habits and stick to them.

That’s why I decided to start an online community where people could not just learn how to meditate powerfully in just 15 minutes per day using the Mindfitness method, but also be held accountable, learn from others and get feedback to make sure they're getting the most out of this new approach.

Being part of this group experience has taught me that meditation doesn’t have to be a solitary activity. 

In fact, it’s actually more powerful and easier to master when you’re surrounded by people doing the same technique as you on a regular basis. 

How to get started?

The best way to learn the Mindfitness Meditation technique is to join our community and try it for yourself.

And the timing couldn't be better.

In our fast-paced and busy lives, stress is becoming one of the biggest threats to our physical and mental wellbeing. 

When the stress-induced hormone cortisol pumps into our blood streams, it can leave us feeling tired, anxious, foggy headed and unable to get a good nights’ sleep.

And if left unchecked, it can quickly manifest into high blood pressure, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and more. 

Ultimately, whatever meditation technique you choose, you have the power to reduce stress in your life, protect your health, wake up to who you really are and live the blissful life you truly deserve. 

Discover Mindfitness Today

About the author

Moris zarco .JPG

Hi, my name is Moris. For years I have taught meditation techniques and since 2010, I founded Mindfitness Meditation - an online community where people can learn how to live their best lives with a powerful meditation technique I developed after living as a monk in Mexico. 

I believe anyone can quickly learn this simple 15 min meditation technique to see tangible results in their lives, without years of practice or needing the patience of a saint. 

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