It only takes some MindFitness to be the best at what you do!

MINDFITNESS MEDITATION is easy and effortless but incredibly powerful. It's perfect for busy people who can't afford to waste time, who need a tool that can be used while traveling or in their 5 minutes of break from work - Mindfitness works with mental techniques that improve health, wellness and productivity.

Group sessions - Every week there is a group meeting (during COVID19 everyone is welcome). These meetings are always free but after July 31, they will be exclusive to Mindfitness Alumni only.

The Training - Once a month the weekly meeting becomes THE TRAINING of the first technique. Training sessions are free for anyone who wants to repeat it. This session is free during COVID but will cost $120 Canadian dollars after July 31.

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Mindfitness is a mental technique similar to meditation that works with the natural tendencies of the mind. No breathing or posture techniques are needed. Mindfitness trainers work with you the same way a personal trainer would except that we help you retrain the most important muscle: The mind by helping you refine focus, strengthen attention and increase awareness.
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Since 2005, Mindfitess offers a methodology to increase your personal inner strength. We combine different disciplines and knowledge that have been acquired at educational institutions, from various employers as well as well reputed ashrams. Other sources of learning include selected  spiritual teachers, and experts in applied science. We are a social enterprise that operates in Toronto and offer this teaching world wide.

MindFitness Trainers


"My professional experience and education (BBA in Business, Post degrees in Small Business and Human Resources) makes me a competitive coach and trainer. I will help you find your biggest potential from the inside out through meditation, mind training and high consciousness"


महर्षि  कामदेव

Mauricio is:

  • Fully certified in Mindfulness by the University of Toronto with Dr. Michele
  • Certified Yoga teacher
  • Received the name of KAMADEVA and the title of Siromani (Jewel of the crown of yoga) by vedic monks.
  • Completed the Life skills coaching program at George Brown College,
  • Completed a 6-months training retreat at Ishana Yogha camp to be trainned as a meditation teacher as per Vedic teachings
  • Completed a 1-month training retreat at Sivananda Yoga Camp to be trained as a Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Completed a certification in Buddhism and Modern Psychology by Princeton University


" My goal is to share what I have learnt thought my journey of self-discovery and guide you in how to use the techniques that help me to increase love, peace, happiness, and compassion in my life"


Cesar is:

  • Fully trained and long-time practitioner of meditative and contemplative arts including meditation and yoga.
  • Trained in Mindfulness Meditation by Dr. Michele Chaban – Mindfulness Program at University of Toronto to bring mindfulness meditation to new immigrants and refugees in Canada.
  • Completed training materials in mental health at CAMH (Center of Addiction and Mental Health) in Toronto, Canada
  • Experienced counsellor in the settlement and immigration sector.
  • Lawyer and Master Degree in Government and Public Affairs by the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico - UNAM

How does it work?

  • Mind Fitness works using mental techniques; these mechanical conscious techniques drive the attention to the deepest part of the mind and refine your focus in order to stay there. These techniques are completely self-sufficient. 
  • They are simple, easy and effortless. Any current belief remains intact and any foreign belief is not required. 
  • No positions or breathing exercises are needed. This is not a belief system. In fact, your own ideas and beliefs remain intact.
  • Benefits include: improve sleeping and rest, more productive and creative mind, blood pressure, mental health, emotional strength, self-empowerment. 

How is Mindfitness different from other practice?

There are three types of meditation:

  • Guided – Such as mindfulness, podcast, music in mantras and recorded voice like headspace. 
  • Convenience – Such as thinking a mantra repeatedly, Placing the attention in the heart or forehead, watching at a flame in a candle. Also using the imagination to be at the beach or flying over the clouds.
  • Open contemplation – Selfless practice where the mind is left free. Not wondering but open to watch and observe. With some training, this practice can replace the habit of wondering around with focusing where we choose.

Mindfitess is an open contemplation practice with a convenient technique which is guided only during the training. Then, you can continue a self-practice. It is easier than any other practice. Relaxation comes from within, from stillness and from peace and not form external sources such as music or nice words.

This practice works with three attributes of the mind: Attention, Awareness and Focus. It is a training and it improves mental fitness.

Mindfintess is also different from most relaxation techniques as no breathing exercises or positions are required. It can even be practiced with open eyes. The practice might not always be relaxing during the sessions but there is a result warrantied as any experience comes as part of the healing process. The same way that the muscles hurt when exercising, Mindfintess might cause some discomfort while working with awareness, focus and attention while those three attributes get stronger.

More Benefits


The best stress reduction techniques available.

Sleeping disorders:

Highly recommended for people suffering from sleeping disorders. Most individuals experience these benefits from the very first night after the first session. The Mindfitness techniques produce deeper rest patterns, this is an essential tool for bringing balance in your life and body.

High Blood Pressure:

Mind Fitness procures instant results for lowering blood pressure. With regular practice, many have reduced their medication and many no longer require it. (with doctor approval.) 

Heart Associations around the world recommend meditation to aid with heart problems and the Mindfitness is certainly more efficient than meditation.


Many have experienced benefits within the first week of practice. Benefits include, lowering insulin intake and less mood swings or fatigue during differing blood sugar levels. It is important to continue medical consultations.

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Note: Stress causes serious damages to our health including death.