Mindfitness Meditation is an incredibly powerful and easy meditation technique.

We are an 80% virtual business operating mainly online by offering live workshops and webinars on ZOOM.
Mindfitness is like going to the gym but we workout the attention, focus and awareness of the mind instead of arms, legs and other muscles of the body. Mindfitness Meditation is an incredibly powerful and easy meditation technique. It is perfect for busy people who cannot afford wasting time, who need a tool that can be used on the go and in your 5 minutes break as well as while commuting in the city. Mindfitness is the perfect complement to any other meditation technique including Mindfulness. We teach online or in class.

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About Our Practice

How We Got Here

Established in 2007 - 80% Online
Minfitness created a unique methodology by combining ancient knowledge with the human development best practices at world class corporations. The founder is a former Vedic Monk with experience as a human resources professional in the public service since 2010. You will be learning a self-meditative practice based on a contemplative methodology. Mindfitness MEDITATION is an effortless mental technique that does not require positions, breathing techniques or even any ability. Mindfitness is by far more effective than meditation and other similar techniques for relaxation. It works with the natural tendency of the mind which is to find higher happiness and the natural tendency of the body with is to heal itself. The results can be seen in as little as 6 weeks of self practice. Benefits include: improve sleeping and rest, more productive and creative mind, blood pressure, mental health, emotional strength, self-empowerment.



Sessions will be delivered on ZOOM

You might already have a meditation practice, you might be looking to start from zero or you might just be looking for  more...

You are in the right place!

Mindfitness is like working out at the gym but for the mind. Other techniques are more like a massage therapy for relaxation. Combining Mindfitness with other techniques is great but you can practice Mindfitness exclusively and still see amazing result.

How does it work?

  • Mind Fitness works using mental techniques; these mechanical conscious techniques drive the attention to the deepest part of the mind and refine your focus in order to stay there. These techniques are completely self-sufficient. 

  • They are simple, easy and effortless. Any current belief remains intact and any foreign belief is not required. 

  • No positions or breathing exercises are needed. This is not a belief system. In fact, your own ideas and beliefs remain intact.

This practice is ultimately the best method for stress relief available. Mind fitness addresses and deals with stress from two angles: eyes open and eyes closed. 


Mindfitness Meditation at the workplace



Thas why there is still more than just a workshop!

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Meditation at work

Hire us to teach meditation at your workplace

Join top and major employers that are presenting positive results at the end of each year through mindfulness and other mental techniques. 

Our program is a boot camp style workout for the mind working with three attributes: Attention, Awareness and Focus.

Live sessionsi are offered in-class or virtually on zoom

Mindfitness e-Learning Faculty

Learn Mindfitness at your own pace with e-learning modules

At people and culture academy you will find content that will help you develop a higher understanding in Corporate Human Resources as well as personal development.
See below our two faculties:
Mindfitness Faculty - contains courses related to Mindfitness Meditation.
Human Resources Faculty - Contains courses that summarizes each one of the topics recommended by international human resources associations.


We are offering free meditation!!

Join one of the available workshops



Above and Beyond

Create your own retreat

We offer a Mindfitness experience to your get away experience.

Classes in the form of private in-home, or dockside yoga classes in Ontario. No experience required as we cater to all capabilities and experience levels! Total or partial experience. Service may include: yoga, meditation, food and more.

How it works? 1) Book your trip at your private or Airbnb venue 2) Contact us and tell us what you would like to do
Let us know if you need help creating your own retreat experience


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Testimonials from Our Clients

Straight from the Source


We hired Mauricio for coaching sessions in 2012. He demonstrated a high level of expertise and commitment to work according to the client's specific needs. He guides the clients to achieve their goals and provides continual support during the process.

Ivan Ivanovitch, MBA

Moris Zarco Life Coach.JPG


Founder and Mindfitness Coach

Moris is a people and culture professional teaching meditation since 2005 and working as a Human Resources consultant since 2010.

Moris received the name of KAMADEVA with the title of SIROMANI (Jewel Of The Crown Of Yoga) from his Yoga Guru in 2005. He has been the career coach of senior managers at the Government of Ontario and of recognized artists.

Through his experiences and life events, Moris has developed powerful mental techniques as well as a method to teach them. He has instructed hundreds of students stress management techniques since the year of 2005; given public conferences, participated in radio and television programs and gotten involved into servicing the community.

Moris gained a certificate in 2007 as a yoga teacher by one of the most prestigious yoga training centers in the world; Sivananda, where they preserve the teaching of the most classical and ancient style, Hata yoga; including the philosophy, nutrition, health science, and meditation. Today, Mauricio lives in Toronto and works as a People and Culture Consultant.

Past employers include: Government of Ontario, University of Toronto.


Education and Experience

Professional in the arts of Meditation, Yoga and Consciousness

Former monk in a Vedic tradition (2005-2007). Mastered meditation and other mental techniques and became guardian of the true teachings of the one (Yoga). Comfortable in teaching all aspects of yoga and Mindfitness.


Mindfulness Certificate – University of Toronto 2017

Buddhism and Modern psychology – Princeton University online course

Life Skills – George Brown College 2016

Information Technology Management – Ryerson University 2015

Post Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management (HRM) - George Brown College 2011

Post Graduate Certificate in Small Business Management - George Brown College 2010

Certified Yoga Instructor (Yoga alliance) – Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, 2008

Certified Teacher in Meditation from Ishana in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, 2005

B.B.A., BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - The University of the Americas (UDLA). MEXICO, 2003


IG: Mindfitness_and_yoga

For recommendations, please visit my profile on linked in at https://ca.linkedin.com/in/mauriciobermudez


Yoga Teacher: Developed a unique technique to instruct and demonstrate yoga. Deliver classes consistent with one technique (Ashtanga, power, flow or hatha), or combine different methodologies in 60 or 90 minutes sessions. Mastered the three main aspects of human mind: Focus, attention and awareness.

Life coaching: Since 2005, I have offered a methodology to increase your personal strengths from the inside out. Mauricio combines different disciplines and knowledge that he acquired at educational institutions (at post degree level), various employers as well as well reputed ashrams, selected spiritual teachers, and experts in applied science

Retreats: Since 2005, I have participated in retreats in all stages and activities including planning, implementing and delivering the service. I have created my own retreats and worked as staff and volunteer to others.

Human Resources, Workforce Planning, Systems and Analytics: Demonstrated experience in financial reporting and budgeting, data extraction, mass uploads to systems, manipulation of raw data, data relationships, data mining, analysis, metrics, dashboards and preparing presentations. ADP (People@work, HRB and Pay@work), Easy labour, Oracle, Replicon time tracking, Halogen Software, Cognos, ERMS Emergency respond system, IBM Kenexa engagement survey, SuccessFactors, iCIMS Application Tracking System, HR downloads for training, and SharePoint sites and forms.


"Life is meant to be experienced with joy every moment"

Moris B. Zarco


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