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33% of people experience extreme stress

77% of people experience stress that affects their physical health

- Do you feel overworked and overwhelmed?

- Coping with stress from work, relationships, finances and changes?

- Are you looking for a solution to be happier, more productive and the best version of yourself?

Since 2005, we have helped people to revert the effects of stress permanently.


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Revert permanently the negative effects caused by stress


At Mindfitness we are committed to maximize the quality of life of our members and everyone close to them since 2005. You might already have a meditation practice, or you might be looking to start from zero or you might just be looking for more... In any case, you are in the right place!

The results can be seen in as little as 6 weeks of self-practice. Benefits include improve sleeping and rest, more productive and creative mind, blood pressure, mental health, emotional strength, self-empowerment.


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Mindfitness is an easy and effortless meditation technique that will help you to develop a meditation self practice. Mindfitness combines ancient knowledge from Vedic Monks and modern training techniques Learn more...


You deserve this gift!

This is not a luxury but a necessity!


"Life is meant to be experienced with joy at every moment"

Moris B. Zarco


Testimonials from Our Clients


We hired Moris for coaching sessions in 2012. He demonstrated a high level of expertise and commitment to work according to the client's specific needs. He guides the clients to achieve their goals and provides continual support during the process.

Ivan Ivanovitch, MBA