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You deserve this gift!

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From $1,100 CAD

* All inclusive in the itinerary for 7 days

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We will take care of you and all of your problems for your entire stay where everything will be done for you. Imagine yourself with nothing to worry about while you enjoy one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

A retreat is a necessity, not a Luxury

  • Take a break from life and the pandemic.

  • Find dipper connection within and with other people in a friendly community.

  • Re-energize & Re-discover your vibrant self.

  • Practice Self-love, heal your broken heart, overcome challenges and find wisdom within.

  • Calm & soothe the Mind.



Program Overview


You are invited for 6 nights and 7 days to one of the most beautiful places on Earth with the intention to achieve higher levels of consciousness.

Through a detoxifying diet combined with our MindFitness sessions, you will develop a sustainable meditation practice and experience meditation in a serene retreat environment with yoga classes and personal coaching included.

Your sessions will be lead by a former Monk and professional meditation teacher with 15 years of experience teaching yoga and meditation. Their curriculum incudes university certifications in Mindfulness, credits in yoga and specialized training. 

Included: Food, accommodation, meditation workshops, yoga and more.

What is MindFitness?

MindFitness is an easy and effortless meditation technique developed and shared since 2005 to develop a meditation self- practice. MindFitness combines ancient knowledge from Vedic monks and modern training to strengthen the Three Attributes of the Mind: Attention, Focus and Awareness.

The combination of the ancient teachings of YOGA and world class corporate practices gave life to Mindfitness. 

The Experience

You will learn four meditation techniques based on Positive Emotion: Praise, Gratitude and Love.

They are effortless to use, yet powerful to practice. MindFitness uses the two sides of the brain; one that works with emotions and the other that works with concepts. We also work with the natural tendency of the mind to look for happiness and the tendency of the body to constantly heal itself.

You will have everything you need for a self- sufficient practice to enhance all areas of your life. Once you have completed the training you are welcome to repeat it as often as you

wish, for free. You might already have a meditation practice, or you might be looking to start from zero, or you might just be looking for any case, you are in the right place!

Day Schedule

8:00 AM Yoga class

10:00 AM Breakfast

11:30 AM Meditation class or practice

1:00 PM Lunch

2:00 PM Meditation practice, free time, or Special activity

6:00 PM Dinner

8:00 PM Night Meeting

10:00 PM End of day or social

11:00 PM Lights off and mandatory silence

Mindfitness Curriculum

The Mindfulness meditation workshop will be delivered from Monday to Wednesday at 11:30 am to learn this powerful but simple system of meditation  

First Session

Introduction Discover what MindFitness is and the possibilities. 

Similarities and differences from other meditation techniques. 

Learn the Praise Technique You will be able to experience the benefits right away. 

This is the most fundamental and important technique. In fact it is all you would need. This technique relates to the inner experiences and subjective world. There will be a meditation training to learn MindFintess Meditation delivered from Monday to Wednesday at 11:30am. The following days we will be practicing to master MindFitness Meditation

Second Session

The Mechanics of the Mind and Gratitude Technique How the mind works and what creates the

experiences we have. Another tool to go beyond limitation, this time related to the physical experience and objective world. States of Consciousness and Love Higher states of consciousness are not only real, they are available to anyone. Many people find this the most beautiful, most relaxing and impactful technique as it relates to heal any sense of separation from love and the sources of it.

Third Session

Compassion and Possibilities Beyond the Practice of Meditation.

You will leave with a complete system of self- discovery; a truly lifelong gift to yourself.


Sample Menu

All our food is plant based using fresh products designed to be delicious and clean your body.

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Be Ready For An Unforgettable Experience

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Muskoka Lakes, Parry Sound, Ontario

You are invited for 6 nights and 7 days to one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

This retreat will be held in two properties.

1) Main House: As you can see in the picture. This is a gorgeous house that offers accommodation in a shared cabin, two bedrooms and a shared space.

2) The Private Cottages: 6 private cottages with two bedrooms each. One bedroom with a double bed and the other with two single beds.

A short 4 minute drive from

each other or a leisurely 40 minute walk. Transport is available 3 times daily between the two. Everyone has access to the main house. Both properties are located on Lakes

with access to a semi-private lake and a sandy beach.

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Coming Soon

Tropical Beach
Tropical Beach

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Outdoor Meditation
Outdoor Meditation

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Couple Meditating
Couple Meditating

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Tropical Beach
Tropical Beach

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Available Retreats

From $1,100 CAD

* All inclusive in the itinerary for 7 days

Muskoka Lakes, Ontario, Canada:

June12 to 18, 2022


Coming soon


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